27 Feb, Thursday
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Lazy Flies

Music Review: Lazy Flies – Time and Tide

Lazy Flies have released a holiday song destined to become a new favorite.

Like looking through the hazy mists of memories, softened at the edges by time and the warmth of the season. Time and Tide sweeps quietly onto the scene.

Lilting vocals float above sweet acoustic intro. Angelic choral harmonies then glide in. There are even some strategically placed sounds of jingle bells ringing. Finale acoustic notes fade into audio of presumably a family in Christmas morning.

But there is still a contemporary feeling to this track. Very much the same way 2000 Miles by The Pretenders or River by Joni Mitchell have become Christmas classics, though strictly speaking are not Christmas songs.

A delightful addition to the holiday playlist, and a tune you’ll still want to hear long after all the leftovers have been eaten and the decorations packed away until next year.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland