12 Jul, Sunday
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Music Review: Lucy Bell – Paris

If you’ve ever been to Paris undoubtedly you will possess some romantic memory. It’s inevitable. It’s Paris. We’ll always have Paris, and all that… It’s otherworldly beautiful, and memories of time spent in Paris will often assume a wistful hue.

Paris, the debut single by Downpatrick’s Lucy Bell sets the scene, “In a little bookshop in Paris…”

Bell’s ethereal voice, like a cumulus cloud sits atop the anxious heartbeat of a love story. Beautifully crafted melody illustrates the swells, crests, and crashes of a romance with the soft colors of memory.

Bell’s breathy timbre and delivery had me at first listen. Her distinct voice is reminiscent of and would fit in nicely on a playlist of artists such as Gabriel Alpin and Ellie Goulding.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland