Velvet Alibi

Music Review: Velvet Alibi – Cold Dead Air

Cold Dead Air, the single by genre-defying Derry-based band Velvet Alibi is anything but.

It’s a bit like being at a jazz festival and a laser light show at the planetarium all at the same time. Better get your sea legs ready for this galactic funk infused ride.

At nine and a half minutes long, this track is not for the faint of heart. The band, strictly speaking, a 12-piece ensemble, allows each of it’s wildly proficient members to flourish with a fusion of improvisation, vacating ordinary structures to color outside the lines.

Each artist then passes it off to the next; old school jam session style, but bigger, grander, richer in texture. Excellent harmonies, blinding guitar work, otherworldly synth strokes paint this lush piece of modern art.