20 Jan, Wednesday
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Crossroad Revival - What The Future Holds

Review: Crossroad Revival- What The Future Holds EP

Lisburn based band Crossroad Revival have recently released their debut EP ‘What The Future Holds’. The 5 track EP is full of up-tempo melodies, catchy guitar riffs and impressive vocals.

The EP as a whole showcases the talent that the band possess. Each song has its own unique sound which captures the listener’s attention and ensures they listen right to the end. It’s not hard to tell that the band have been influenced by artists such as Alter Bridge. As soon as the vocals begin, the resemblance is clear. Yet the sound is very much their own, with a unique edge that sets the two apart.

Songs like We Dance’ are full of heavy guitar riffs, crashing drums and an over-all catchy melody. It is definitely a song you turn up the speakers for. In contrast, Smile’ is the ballad of the EP. A strikingly slower tempo, a guitar solo and heartfelt lyrics all make for a welcome surprise amongst so many energetic songs.

Crossroad Revival have released a very impressive debut EP and I am sure we will hear more of them in the upcoming months.

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