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Watch: Dolbro Dan releases new single ahead of Folk Dope album

Dan Mulligan, also known as “Dolbro Dan”, is an alternative indie folk singer from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Own Up is the fourth single from the album, which is set for release this spring. The haunting lament, featuring Jenna Frazer (Ada Storm) on backing vocals, is accompanied by a lyric video produced by Dolbro Dan himself.

A regular on the local pub circuit, Dolbro Dan honed his craft performing a catalog of classic songs from Bob Dylan to Bon Ivor, Lemonheads to Laura Marling, Neil Young to Neil Diamond, The Beatles to the Beastie Boys.

Dan’s own songs are instantly relatable; his songwriting and delivery show impeccable timing.Each verse is perfectly crafted for maximum impact; every song a story begging to be told in a way only he can.

He self-released his first album, Singin’ Homemade Music, in 2007. With tales of love, travel, loneliness and poverty it bears the hallmarks of a good folk record. His follow up EP, Paranoid[?] Protest Songs, brought 60’s counter culture and an air of dissent to a new millennial audience, while his single, Richard Cory, is one the most vitriolic Simon & Garfunkel covers you are ever likely to encounter.

Dolbro Dan - Own Up

The wit and measure of his writing is replicated in his live shows. A flurry of guitar strings and mouth organ, Dolbro Dan channels the archetypal travelling bard, rolling up to a new town every night to sing for his supper before moving on to regale the next crowd with his tales of heartache and hope.

This year marks a turning point for Dan with the release of long-awaited Folk Dope album. A full band effort bolstered by some of Northern Ireland’s finest musicians and session players; Paul “Hammy” Hamilton (Foy Vance), Dean Stevens (One30Two Studio), Stephen Macartney (Farriers, King Cedar), Junior Johnson and the late, great Jackie Flavelle.

Dan has opted to use QRATES, a new crowd-funding platform to help small, independents create short-run vinyl pressings, to host the ‘Folk Dope’ campaign. It allows fans to support the album by pre-ordering a limited edition vinyl copy. For more information on pre-ordering, click here.

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