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Get to Know: Ethan Hanna

An artist who has been writing and playing his own material since 2010, both as a solo act and in bands. Taking heavy influence from bands like Brand New and The Gaslight Anthem has resulted in live sets that have a blend of alternative rock, Americana and folk.

Ethan is currently recording his first full-length album, “Welcome To The Batlands”, which is promised to explore various themes across various song styles. Get to Know, Ethan Hanna.

Ethan Hanna - Get to Know

Where You’re From: Lisburn, NI

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:  “Nostalgic” is all I got…

Favourite album of all time?Bruce Springsteen’s 4th album, Darkness On The Edge Of Town has been my favourite for years.

Musician you’d like to collaborate with: I like to think Brian Fallon and I could write a kick ass song together.

What is the last gift you gave to someone? Honestly the last gift I gave was a mixtape. It’s something I always thought would be a cool, personal thing to do. It was actually a lot of fun to make.

What is your most valued material possession? I have this awesome leather jacket my Dad used to wear back when he raced motorbikes.

What are you listening to right now? I’ve listened to the latest Brand New record pretty much constantly since it came out last summer.

Worst song you’ve ever heard? The first thing that came to mind was that “Walks Like Rihanna” song. Tragic.

Biggest musical influence: That position has changed a lot over time, but I think I’d have to say Brian Fallon takes it. Listening to The Gaslight Anthem completely changed how I approached writing songs.

The best thing about Northern Ireland? Has to be the sense of humour. Conversations that would be completely normal anywhere else can be absolute gold mines for hilarity here.

Ethan Hanna will play at the Sunflower Bar on 7th March 2018 with Donal Scullion. More information found here.

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