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Get to Know: Mandy Bingham

We first discovered Mandy when she supported Bap Kennedy in the Belfast Barge in December 2013, and we were impressed then. You can usually find her performing alongside her husband Graham, and in the last few years she has developed, gained confidence, and rightfully earned many fans sparking the release of her album ‘Bury Me Deep’.

She has taken part in two live BBC radio concerts with Ralph McLean, supported Diana Jones and featured in the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival.

Mandy Bingham - Get To Know

Mandy Bingham

Where I’m From? Ballycastle, County Antrim.

Digital music, CDs or vinyl? VINYL ALL THE WAY! Love the presence of it and the commitment of listening and making the effort to turn it over.

Biggest musical influence? My parents’ vinyl collection!!

What are you listening to right now: St Vincent, Nadia Reid, Marie Courtney Andrews, Malojian, David Corley.

Favourite venue: Belfast Empire.

Last gig you attended: St Vincent.

Favourite album of all time? Janis Ian – Between The Lines.

Musician you’d like to collaborate with: Leonard Cohen (too late!)

Superstitions: None that I can think of!

Last thing I do before going on stage: Eat a Fisherman’s Friend and take a few deep breaths!

Mandy Bingham will play in the Sunflower Bar, Belfast on Wednesday 7th February supporting Edelle McMahon. Buy tickets here.

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