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DaltonRobinson - Worlds Apart

Music Review: DaltonRobinson – Worlds Apart

DaltonRobinson is an Irish Duo who have just developed their unique debut album ‘Worlds Apart’. An apt title due to the fact that they reside at literally opposite sides of the world. Dalton lives in Australia, while Robinson is in Ireland. The commitment to music of these two close friends has to be commended. This duo has come through many obstacles from time differences to having to learn other instruments to create an authentic ‘full band sound’.

‘Worlds Apart,’ their debut album, was launched in January 2018. The genre can be defined as Pop Rock but it is very easy listening. DaltonRobinson have an eclectic sound, and this album screams great coffee shop music. It isn’t harsh or intrusive, their sound has a great subtlety to it. This is a great album to put on to relax.

Through Her Eyes & No Turning Back are definitely my favourite songs in this album. Through Her Eyes has great lyrics and the tone of the guitar in this song literally gives me goosebumps. My only complaint on this tune is that isn’t long enough.

No Turning Back is a much more upbeat, compared to other songs on the album. Again, like Through Her Eyes, it has great lyrics. This is a song that I will be turning up when it comes on in the car. It has a great melody and tempo that you cannot help but tap your feet (or, in my case, drum on the steering wheel) to.

I absolutely love the artwork on this album. It is a great representation of the album’s ethos and sound.

There is something special about listening to an album for the first time or listening to live music. The thing I love even better ... writing about it with a cuppa beside me.