17 Jan, Sunday
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Susie Blue - Didn't Mean To Care

Music Review: Susie Blue – Didn’t Mean to Care

It’s true that oftentimes ballads and love songs have a tendency toward the sycophantic. Not so with this assemblage on debut album Didn’t Mean to Care by Susie Blue.

Utilizing punk’s approach to antithetical love songs, tracks, She’s a Keeper, May Ninth, and Doing My Head In are a refreshing take on the traditional ballad format. Think Romeo Void with a splash of The Cranberries.

The tempo of title track Didn’t Mean to Care is surprisingly pop-friendly; comparatively speaking, I mean. Barring a tasty guitar solo, it wavers a bit from the post-punk infused No Shade, or the alt-rock How I Really Feel.

Throughout, mellifluous vocals deftly leap from each post-punk sub-genre hop this collection offers. Two surprise gems are acoustic versions of Till You Started, and Trust Me. Stiletto-sharp vocals deliver raw and razor-edged lyrics. It makes for a glorious combination like poetry and flame throwers.

A bit of an eclectic compendium but all together enjoyable. A tough call to pin down, but all told, my personal favorite is the palpitating percussion-heavy May Ninth.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland