21 Jan, Thursday
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Mannerly Hoods - Woodstock

Music Review: The Mannerly Hoods – Woodstock

Okay, you know when that cute guy or gal walks in the room and it’s Bam! Instant crush? Yeah, this is kind of like that. The debut single, Woodstock by Belfast duo The Mannerly Hoods hooked me line and sinker.

Punchy intro springs effervescently into vivacious choruses.

Totally danceable and hook-laden, with harmonious vocals over the bridge that segue seamlessly into indie rock guitar licks. Reminds me a bit of A Plastic Rose. A clean, tight sound showcases the perceptible rapport between bandmembers.

Both band and single are exceptionally adept for a debut. And like that crush, I want to get to know more.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland