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Linda Em Review

Review: Linda Em- Hey Baby

London based Irish Singer-Songwriter, Linda Em, has released her brand new single ‘Hey Baby’.

Linda’s vocals are stunning, blending between a smoky folk and smooth jazz sound. The song has a real 1950’s vibe to it, mixed with the energetic sound of Linda’s voice makes it stand out.

The musicality of the track is something to be noted. Whilst drawing on the dramatic big Jazz sound, there are elements of the old fashioned scene, yet there is modern sound to it making the track appealing to everyone.

Fans of artists such as Imelda May, will note how Linda combines the two eras in a successful way. Linda tells the story with such emotion in her vocals that listeners cannot be helped but be drawn into the story she is telling.

An excellent track released by Linda, showing that the Jazz era is making an increasingly popular comeback.

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