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Get to Know: Bronagh Broderick

At a young age in County Tyrone, Bronagh began songwriting and years later, she went on to release her debut album ‘Three Years’.

In April 2013, she went on to win the Irish Youth Music Award for ‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ with her original song ‘The Crack of Dawn’. Late last year, she released a new 5 track original EP called ‘When Colours Collide.’ Get to Know Bronagh Broderick.

Bronagh Broderick

Where You’re From: Altamuskin, Co. Tyrone

Last gig you attended: Anthony Toner in the Sunflower Folk Club

Summer or Winter and why? Winter- I love the crisp icy mornings and getting to wrap up cosy! I love snow as well but only to look out at!

What are you listening to right now: Brandi Carlile’s New album “By the way I forgive you.”

Worst song you’ve ever heard? “I’ve got a song that will get on your nerves.” It does just that and doesn’t leave my head for days!

Favourite venue: The Beacon Theatre in New York- special memories of visiting this theatre a few years back to see Glen Hansard perform and getting to meet him backstage after- Great memories!

Biggest musical influence: Glen Hansard

Digital music, CDs or vinyl? I have to say I am still buying CDs so much- I love having the physical copy and as i’m driving a lot much for gigs they are so handy to have at hand. I do have a record player for my small vinyl collection too but have to say CDs get more use!

The best thing about Northern Ireland: The ever growing, ever diverse music scene!

What would you buy with your last £10? A few scratch cards to hopefully get some more cash back and a Boojum!

Bronagh Broderick headlines at Songwright in the Sunflower Bar on Wednesday 4th April 2018. You can purchase tickets here.

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