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Get To Know: Chris McMullan

Following our chat with Bonnevilles frontman Andy McGibbon, Gigging NI also chatted to his partner in crime and first rate drummer, Chris McMullan. As half of one of Northern Ireland’s most successful live bands, Chris has flanked his best buddy for several years now while they’ve toured extensively, pedalling their singular brand of garage punk blues across the UK and Europe.

Endlessly exciting, The Bonnevilles’ signature sound is comprised in equal measure of Andy’s sexy slide guitar and Chris’s exhilarant drumming. Get to know Chris McMullan.

Name: Chris McMullan

Where you’re from: Banbridge, County Down

Describe your style in 5 words or fewer: Punk Blues

Digital music, CDs or vinyl: Vinyl all the way. Each platform has its advantages but for me the best way to listen to music is vinyl.  I’m very proud of my vinyl collection and there is just something very special about putting a piece of vinyl on.

Biggest musical influence:  For me it’s got to be Metallica.  Although I never really listen to Metallica anymore, if it wasn’t for those guys I wouldn’t be where I am now playing drums and doing what I love.  Apart from metal, it would be Left Lane Cruiser, James Leg and Scott H. Biram.  Their hard work and attitude towards recording and touring is something that inspires me.

What you’re listening to right now:  Right now I’m listening to Soil.  I have been giving the new Ty Segall album a good spin and also beside my record player is Soundgarden’s Superunknown album.

Favourite venue:  My favourite venue to play would have to be The Cluny in Newcastle, but the best venue to go see a band I would have to say is Limelight 1, Belfast.  They have really stepped up their sound and light system.

Best local band of the moment:  I would have said Triggerman but they are no longer around sadly.  My next option would have been And So I Watch You From Afar but I don’t class them as local anymore.  So I’m going to go with Petty Youth – love those guys.

Last gig you attended:  And So I Watch You From Afar at the Telegraph Building.  God, that was a special show.

Best gig you have ever attended:  Of course that would have to be any Metallica gig.  Those guys know how to put a show on.

Favourite album of all time:  Master of Puppets (isn’t that everyone’s?)

Musician you’d love to collaborate with:  Josh Homme;  I’d love to drum on any of his songs, love the Kyuss days – just as long as he doesn’t kick me in the face.  This face is way too pretty to get busted up.

Last thing you do before going onstage: I do a bit of rudimentary warm-up on my practice pad, open up a bottle of Bucky and give Andy a big hug and tell him to have fun.

Summer 2018 dates are to be confirmed. You can have an advance listen to the title track of Dirty Photographs on Magnet Magazines website right now, also on Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud.

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