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Get to Know: Gareth Dunlop

Belfast man Gareth Dunlop has been a busy man of late, travelling between Northern Ireland and Nashville. He’s shared stages with Jeff Beck, Stereophonics and even Van Morrison.

His songs have featured on many TV shows including House, Lucifer and One Tree Hill before making their way in major motion pictures – he’s even had his acting debut. We’re glad he’s back. Get to Know Gareth Dunlop.

Gareth-Dunlop - Gigging NI

Name: Gareth Dunlop

Where You’re From: Belfast

Last gig you attended: A Sofar Sounds gig inside a brewery in London. Watched a great funk band called ‘The Limited’ play a strip down set.

Last thing I do before going on stage: Probably put out a cigarette and sing a few lines of my first song to get my head in gear. I like to be on my own before stage time.

What are you listening to right now: I’m producing an EP for local songwriter Michael Kerr. So I’ve been listening to that a lot, going over mix’s and planning out a day of backing vocals to finish it out.

Favourite gig you’ve attended: Hall & Oates at Ascend Ampitheater in Nashville. Outdoors, beers, hit after hit, back stage with my best mate.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Odd, obsessive, passionate, hungry and tired

The best thing about Northern Ireland: It’s home, and it’s home to my nearest and dearest. I wasn’t built for the heat so I’m a sucker for the overcast weather too.

What would you buy with your last £10? A fishing road and a skillet.

What is your most valued material possession? My house for sure. It took a lot of hard work to get it, and it’s a one of kind kinda house. It’s also a studio from time to time so some good energy getting put into the walls.

Musician you’d love to be stuck in an elevator with? Blake Mills. I’d probably torture him with questions about his guitar tone, signal paths, production style. That would probably be the last time Blake ever got on a lift.

Song you wish you’d written: Ben E King’s ‘Stand By Me’ – It’s powerful, emotive, simplistic and poetic and it just grabs me every time I hear it. I’d actually just settle for having been in the room when it was written.

Gareth Dunlop will play at the Mandela Hall, Belfast on Friday 23rd March 2018. You can purchase tickets here. Photo credit: Pete Wallace.

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