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Get to Know: Lauren Bird

Hailing from Strabane, Lauren Bird first appeared on our radar after winning Chordblossom’s Kickstart competition in 2015 and releasing her first single, ‘Goodbye, Good Luck’.

Fast forward three years and the songwriter has since released her debut album The Inbetween via a successful crowd-funding campaign and has appeared at many live music events throughout Northern Ireland.

Lauren Bird - I'm Not - Single

Name: Lauren Bird

Where You’re From: Strabane

Last gig you attended: I think it was St. Vincent (both nights) in the Olympia, Dublin.

Favourite venue: The Olympia in Dublin, it’s the perfect size, sound is great and it’s nice to look at.

Which local music do you rate: I rate most of it, it’s great that there is so much! My personal favourites are Joshua Burnside, Great White Lies, Katharine Philippa and (i’m slightly bias because I play in his band) Darren Doherty… & The Heathen Choir, we are lovely. I have been trying and failing to catch Vokxen and Rebekah Fitch, but I will soon!

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: oversharing ball of anxiety songwriter

Summer or Winter and why? Summer because I’m always cold.

Last song you listened to: Ruins – First Aid Kit

What would you buy with your last £10? A ticket to some indie film with a female lead and a large mixed Ice Blast.

What is the last gift you gave to someone? I bought my brother The US Office boxset for Christmas because everyone deserves to have Michael Scott in their lives.

Favourite album of all time? Can’t answer that, it’s impossible. I’ll say that one of the most important albums I have ever heard was The Execution Of All Things by Rilo Kiley. It means a lot to me.

Lauren Bird launches her new single I’m Not at the Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on 8th March, International Women’s Day, at the Clayton Hotel, Belfast. Secure tickets here.

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