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Get to Know: Stephen Scullion

Over the last few years, Malojian has released 4 stunning solo albums, along the way collaborating with some musical legends, including Steve Albini, who earned his chops producing Nirvana, The Pixies etc.

His latest album features Joey Waronker [Beck, R.E.M, Roger Waters], Gerry Love [Teenage Fanclub], Jon Thorne [Yorston/Thorne/Khan, Lamb] and more… But it’s Malojian’s own voice and songs that sets him apart from the crowd. Get to Know Stephen Scullion.

stevie scullion - get to know

Where you’re from: Lurgan, Co Armagh

Favourite venue: At the minute my favourite would be The Duncairn in Belfast

Musician you’d like to collaborate with: Jon Brion

Last thing you do before going on stage: Freak out.

Favourite album: The White Album.

What are you listening to right now: I’m working on a new album so I’m actually in the studio at the minute and a new song called ‘Tsundoku’ is playing.

Which local music do you rate: I hate the term ‘local’ music. My music isn’t local to someone in Berlin or New York. Do people in New York refer to The Strokes as local music? No. So is the ‘local’ part actually referring to a lack of success or what?

Biggest musical influence: The Beatles.

Favourite gig you’ve attended: Grandaddy, somewhere in Edinburgh, maybe 2003. My memory stinks.

The best thing about Northern Ireland: The people. Though not all of them. Obviously.

Pre-gig rituals: I have a few of these. Fisherman’s Friends is a big one which I’m trying to break. Mark from The Lost Brothers was telling me that Johnny Cash used to eat a packet of crisps 10 minutes before show time so we’ve been doing that.

Musician you’d love to be stuck in a lift with: Neil Young.

Worst song you’ve ever heard: I don’t know but I’d say it definitely wasn’t ‘local’.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: One lady owner. Recently serviced.

What would you buy with your last £10: Can I buy 2nd hand stuff? Books and records.

What is the last gift you gave to someone: Books and records.

What is your most valued material possession: My guitars or piano or record player. I’ve got a style 1960’s Hacker record player. It’s class!

What’s next for you: I’m bursting to go to the toilet so hopefully that.