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Music Review: Brand New Friend – Seatbelts for Aeroplanes

The four-piece from Castlerock are getting ready to release their much-anticipated debut album Seatbelts for Aeroplanes.  Their achievements include playing sold out shows, supporting bands such as Feeder and (soon to be) Snow Patrol as well as being regularly featured on Radio 1 and Spotify playlists.  This album perfectly represents Brand New Friend as it is incredibly fun, polished and exciting to listen to.

The album starts with “Mediocre at Best” with a very Muse-esque intro before it kicks off into full blown keyboards and drums.  The music and lyrics are incredibly uplifting and instantly sets the tone for the rest of the album.  The track instantly lets you recognise the bands style and will no doubt have you dancing about.

Throughout the album the enthusiastic vocals of Taylor are very much at the forefront of each track.  However, each band member takes it in turns to showcase their musical contribution and take the spotlight.  The bass line, for example, throughout “Milk Chews” is difficult to not listen out for.  Then we have “I Love You, Goodbye” where Lauren’s vocals and the drumming are the focus.  It is a very creative way to ensure everyone gets equal recognition for the work put into the album.

Seatbelts for Aeroplanes is an album that instantly makes you want to sing your heart out and dance around the room.  The music is bubbly and exciting, and the lyrics are both relatable and incredibly emotive in parts.  “The Blame” is the perfect example of a song that will make you stop and think of similar experiences in your own life.

The album is released 27th April and I can’t recommend it enough.  Brand New Friend are no strangers to success, but this album cements their place in the music scene and showcases how serious they are about their careers as musicians.

Brand New Friend play at the Black Box, Belfast on 28th April 2018.  Pre-order their album here:

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