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Music Review: Bairie – Mr. Green

‘Mr. Green’ is the debut single by Bairie, the newest project of Derry songstress Emily McCormick. It’s a relaxing, laidback folk tune with layered dynamic vocals. Instrumentation comes in the form of delicately jazzy acoustic chords and some lovely accentuation from Husky Loops frontman Pier Danio Forni Jr. on electric guitar with some speckled moments of wavy reverb and brief slide guitar joining in the first chorus.

Lyrically lines like “Mr. Green is the only one for me”, “he helps me sleep at night” are sweet statements juxtaposed with a chorus that says “there used to be someone, but now he’s gone… I don’t know what I would do if he just stayed in between, me and my Mr. Green.” There might be something a little tragic in that chorus, especially given the April 20th release date and the bandcamp tags, but the delivery’s so carefree and confident that it paints a picture of comedy more than tragedy.

The dynamic vocals and sly electric guitar stand out in this track, with the acoustic guitar laying a great rhythm in the background while setting a tone for the tongue-in-cheek lyrics. All-in-all ‘Mr. Green’ is nicely mixed and a great first single from Bairie, I really do dig it. It’s a relaxing track with no frills attached (unless you want to wonder about drug addiction), and if you like your folk with a tinge of soul, check it out.

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