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Get to Know: The Twisted Sisters’ Susie

The Twisted Sisters are known for their upbeat and exciting live performances alongside their humorous, yet relatable lyrics.

Their legendary songs about chips, Guinness and big knickers paired with multi-coloured tutus showcases their free spirit and love for life.  Get to Know The Twisted Sisters’ Susie.

Name:  Susie

Where you’re from:  I was born on the tranquil shores of Lough Erne in gorgeous Enniskillen, though as a small child moved to County Armagh where I was embraced and adopted into this fiesty pocket of fun, hence I’m a fully fledged County Armagh hallion!

Favourite Album:  Right now it’s ‘Gambler’s Ballet’ by the mighty Kila – their music enhances my quality of life!

Last thing I do before going on stage:  I get so excited before performing so I often do some deep yogic breathing to stop me floating off into the ether!

Superstitions:  ‘You always have more fun with your arms in the air’ – superstition or scientific fact!

Worst Song you’ve Ever Heard:  Easy – from one of the most incredibly talented and inspirational musicians Mr Stevie Wonder “I just called to say I love you” – the most cliched, contrived, boke-making song ever. I have to turn the radio off if it comes on!

Musician you’d love to be stuck in a lift with:  Easy too! My sister Karen – we’d have a good laugh and she’d keep me grounded!

What would you buy with your last £10:  Chips and Guinness of course!

The best thing about NI:  The Craic!  I have travelled all over the world and there is nowhere as abundant in mighty craic as our own beautiful green land!

Favourite line from a song:  One of mine, narcissistic or what?!  “I want to have control of my sphincter and crack Christmas nuts with my thighs” from ‘I Don’t Wanna Die in Big Knickers’

Most memorable gig experience:  There are truly so many…what first springs to mind is Sunflowerfest 2017, on our favourite amphitheatre Campfire Stage, performing to a mega crowd of wonderful Sunflowerfestarians singing our songs back to us with their arms in the air and humongous smiles on their lovely faces!  You could feel the ecstatic energy buzz in collectively raising the vibration…such a life reinforcing experience as a performer and human being.  The Twisted Sisters are honoured and privileged to return year after year to this huge hearted, immensely fabulous fun festival.

What is next for The Twisted Sisters: Festival season starts for us in June with our annual Twister Solstice Gathering – we’re warming that up by opening for The Brandy Thieves on 22 June and then a weekend of Solstice celebrations where we’ll be playing on 23 June.   30 June will see us at Our Back Yard Festival, 7 July Hoobity, 22 July Fiddler’s Green, 27-29 July Sunflowerfest, 4-5 August Arcadian Field (they haven’t announced their line up yet), 24 August headlining in Voodoo Belfast, Sept Musicians Against Homelessness (date/venue to be confirmed), 19 Oct Trek for Niall, and our final gig of the year, in honour of our wee sis will be the annual Jacky’s Gathering.  There are a few other festivals still to be confirmed.

London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.