20 Jan, Wednesday
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Ash - Islands

Music Review: Ash – Islands

Islands, the new release by Ash is a return to what Ash does best. A polished homecoming to definitive alt-pop with an intellectual cheek. This compendium of tracks reminisces the good, the bad, and the ugly of a relationship. It’s Mallory meets Weezer in a pert indie rock telling of love and loss.

True Story is the insightful intro that opens this tale, and is revisited and revised in the postlude Is It True? Annabel is the charmer that sets out to woo, and does, though truth be told, had me at literary reference.  “Annabel have no fear, you can be my Guinevere…”

Buzzkill blasts onto the scene as an angry, though amusing self-explanatory aside. Silver Suit and It’s A Trap are the figurative build-up and crescendo. On It’s A Trap literally an impressive crescendo of shimmering guitar riffs.

This serrated romantic nostalgia wraps up nicely with the outro Incoming Waves. This melancholic reflection mirrors the angst in Did Your Love Burn Out.

Islands is a triumphant tableau that enchants track after track.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland