22 Jan, Friday
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Hit the B Button - Let's Go Somewhere Else

Review: Hit The B Button – Let’s Go Somewhere Else

Belfast quartet Hit The B Button released their third EP Let’s Go Somewhere Else recently which opens up with ‘Antz with a ‘Z”, your classic indie rock four minute track with guitar solo included. It’s a solid opener going into ‘Alcoholia’, one of my favourites on the release.

It’s chilled opening of ‘Drink this for me, now’ move into a slow-paced beat offering you the opportunity to focus in on the lyrics – strapped in the Alcoholia. It’s a nice track and you can tell they spent time perfecting it, with rhythm-changes and sweet guitar licks.

‘So Bad It’s Good’ offers a new vocalist, a nice change and demonstrates flexibility in the band while ‘Raw Meat’ is another that has earned its place within the release – think Muse and Biffy fused. In a live setting, these songs would definitely thrive with the bridges and breakdowns offering a nice opportunity for each musician to shine. I love this track – a perfect end to a solid release. They have come a long way since their opening Apartments EP.


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