17 Jun, Monday
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James Bentley - Happiness

Review: James Bentley – Happiness

County Cavan artist James Bentley has created an EP and has penned it as alternative acoustic – and it’s not a bad description. Bumblebee is hard-hitting and unlike any other acoustic release we’ve heard.

Event Horizon is a great tune with a powerful chorus and elegant guitar work, complex in parts but sticking to the fundamentals of song structure. Asphyxia is a little less appealing – maybe fitting with the title – as the high notes are painful and it’s not quite there. That’s not to say it’s a bad song, just in need of a little re-working. The guitar work is admirable though and he is definitely capable of crafting a solid song.

I remain keen to hear more from Bentley as he’s pushing the boat out. Stick a live band behind him, backing vocals to harmonise and you’ve got yourself a really solid release and one to keep an eye on. But acoustic – I’m not quite sure.

James Bentley

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