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Surf Green - One Hundred Percent

Review: Surf Green – One Hundred Percent EP

Unsigned County Down trio Surf Green have unleashed a storm of loud, brash, uncompromising punk rock on their latest EP One Hundred Percent. Featuring Martin Harris on vocals and guitar, Iwan Hynds on backing vocals and bass and David Dalzell on backing vocals and drums, the band pride themselves on energetic live performances and infusing different genres into their sound, whilst staying true to their punk ethos. With two EPs – Eighty Percent and Real Friends – already under their belt, One Hundred Percent is a re-recording of their first EP which seeks to hone their sound on older tracks. And did we mention they’ve thrown a brand new song in the mix too?

Whilst their name might suggest summery indie rock, One Hundred Percent’s fiery opener ‘Saito’ immediately clears up any misconceptions in a minute and a half of snarled vocals and frenzied guitar. Whilst the Sum 41 and The Offspring influence is obvious, Surf Green’s sound on this reworking of their EP is most reminiscent of early Green Day, rough-around-the-edges, without completely lacking melody (despite the occasional scream).

New track ‘Reasy Ajarro’ is a driven by high-speed pounding drums and one of the best hooks of the five tracks on One Hundred Percent. The trio’s penchant for incorporating unexpected turns in their songs becomes apparent on this track, as ramshackle punk fades out into an almost ska-inspired riff to close the song. The trials and tribulations of millennial dating take centre stage for the lyrics of ‘Craving More’, delivered with a trans-Atlantic twang. Fans of fellow local punk rockers Touts will love this audio assault of unapologetic, in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll which is as likely to get stuck in your head as it is to stir up a mosh pit.

Catch Surf Green live at their One Hundred Percent EP launch on 6th July at McHugh’s Bar in Belfast.

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