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tom odell - telegraph building 2018

Tom Odell / Telegraph Building, Belfast / Tickets & info

Tom Odell

Saturday 13th October 2018

Telegraph Building, Belfast

Tickets £25 +bf Fri 6th July 9am – buy yours here.

Tom Odell, precocious master of the ivories – is at the very top of his game. It’s not as if, with multiple awards and 1.8 million sales under his belt, the Chichester-born prodigy has anything to prove. Tom’s new album, Jubilee Road is set for release in October of this year.

His debut album, 2013’s Long Way Down, topped the charts in the UK, on the back of breakthrough smash, Another Love’, and by late ’14 he was in the Top Ten again with a cover of The Beatles’ Real Love, recorded for John Lewis’ Christmas ad campaign. Alongside standout tracks such as ‘Grow Old With Me’, ‘Heal’ and ‘Can’t Pretend, public affection for Tom and his quaveringly emotional way with a tune was only deepened.

Odell’s second long-player, Wrong Crowd, pretty much replicated its predecessor’s success, hitting No. 2 in ’16, with another biggie aboard in Magnetised. Still only 27, he quickly strikes back with his third, Jubilee Road – a career-defining record, which saw the multi-talented young artist take full control of his music, not only writing, singing, and vamping up his vibrant piano style on all ten songs, but also self-producing them, providing horn arrangements on three tracks, and layering up his trademark backing choir largely out of multi-tracks of his own voice.

For Jubilee Road, Odell corralled a small, close-knit team, which befits its themes of meaningful community. His backing trio included Max Goff, who has been his bassist since he first formed a backing band eight years ago, on moving from Brighton to London’s Goldsmiths college. Guitarist Max Clilverd also predates his major-label signing, and the three have developped a telepathic understanding across three albums, and some 500-plus gigs. On drums, their buddy and sometime live companion Andy Burrows (Razorlight, We Are Scientists) ably synced in with the kind of loose spontaneous playing they were after, while engineer Ben Baptie was so down with their programme, that Odell ended up giving him a co-production credit.

Odell rightly makes no bones about his pride in Jubilee Road, and its completion according to his own vision is all the validation he needs. “I never got into this to be the biggest and best. I just love making music and I love jamming with my band, and I hope I get to do it forever. I feel like for the last ten years I’ve been working towards making this album. Every gig, every song has been pointing towards this. It’s the body of work I’m most proud of.”

Most of all, though, Jubilee Road itself is something to shout about: a fabulously cohesive collection which makes a mockery of the supposed ‘death of the album’ with its artful weaving of themes, and rollercoaster emotions. It confirms, if confirmation were needed, that the voting academy at the Ivors know their onions: Tom Odell is a songwriter from the very top drawer.

Tickets £25 + fees on sale Fri 6th July @9am – buy yours here