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bugzy malone - limelight 2018

Bugzy Malone announces headline Belfast show at Limelight

Bugzy Malone

29th November 2018

Limelight 1, Belfast

Tickets £20 + fees on sale Friday @ 10am – buy yours here

After hitting the ​Top 10 with his past three EPs, ​Bugzy Malone’s career is set to reach new heights with the ​August ​17​th release of his debut album B.Inspired. After launching the project with ​‘Warning’​,​ Bugzy now amplifies anticipation for the album with a double-shot of activity: not only has he dropped a new track and video in the shape of ​‘Drama’​, but he’s also announced his biggest headline tour to date.

‘Drama’ finds ​Bugzy’s incendiary rhymes exploring a narrative based around the anticipation and intensity of the preparations for a major heist. It’s also a cautionary tale. Had events in his life unfolded differently, the criminal world might’ve been ​Bugzy’s reality – an existence that’s glamorous for the disenfranchised but with dangerously high odds of mortal failure. Instead he’s on a mission to champion young people who’ve been dealt a bad hand in life.

‘Drama’ is what my life could’ve been like if I didn’t turn things around,” says ​Bugzy​.​ “There are other ways out than crime. I’m now in a place where I can speak to a lot of people and my whole ethos is switching on the belief switch in people’s heads. If people take inspiration from that then it’s priceless.

The official video for the track was put together by ​Bugzy ​with his​ regular collaborator Connor Hamilton and filmed at various locations in ​Dubai​. Extending​ Bugzy’s track record for high end, conceptual visuals, it interweaves an intense film-within-a-film crime narrative with performance footage shot at the top of a skyscraper.

Having already claimed his crown as​ The King of the North​, ​Bugzy’s set to take his gospel further afield with the biggest tour of his career. The tour is the biggest headline tour to date by any grime artist and will see him perform to a total of ​38,000+ ​people. It includes two ​4000​-capacity homecoming shows at ​Manchester’s ​Mayfield Depot​.

B. Inspired finds​ Bugzy stripping back his outer bravado to reveal the man behind the surface. Unafraid to rap about issues which are be too painful to speak about in person, ​Bugzy’s tales pulsate with raw emotion. These are immediately relatable narratives: heart-breaking flashbacks to a traumatic childhood viewed from the perspective of an adult, and stories of everyday folk desperately battling against the tide – some swim to a brighter future, while others are submerged by overwhelming odds.

Tickets £20 + fees on sale Friday @ 10am – buy yours here