26 Feb, Wednesday
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Arvo Party - Tired Eyes

Review: Arvo Party feat. LARKS – Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, the new single by Arvo Party featuring LARKS is just what we’ve come to expect from Arvo Party. In particular, their keen aptitude for synthesized orchestration. LARKS provides a layer of dreamy texture with the added embellishment of ethereal vocals.

It’s late at night, the only sound is that deep throb of your own heartbeat, transforming into a quickening pulse. Lithe and wistful this collaboration comes together like lucid dreaming. Ambient grooves hover above terra firma as vocals keep things tethered down.

You’ll be repeat-playing this track whether in chill-out mode plugged into your headphones, or you find yourself swaying to this strangely danceable tune.

Would fit nicely on a playlist somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Lykke Li.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland