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Get to Know: Cheylene Murphy

She has been a frequent in many acts over the last few years and is now performing with Belfast-based Beauty Sleep. You can spot her usually behind a keyboard or rocking it out on the keytar.

If you’re a frequent at gigs, you may not know her but you will probably recognise her. Get to Know Cheylene Murphy.

Beauty Sleep - The Menagerie

Beauty Sleep – The Menagerie

Where You’re From: born in London, raised in Derry (hence my weird accent, I’m not American I swear!)

Digital music, CDs or vinyl? Vinyl is the most romantic. I get emotionally attached to my records, it’s such a ritual to listen to them! Though driving whilst blasting tunes (CD or digital) is the most fun way to listen to songs by far

Pre-gig rituals:Bounce on my toes a little bit, focus on bringing that nervous energy from my throat to my gut and then giving an evil stare out to the room to make me feel badass and confident. I probably look like I just need to pee to everyone else!!

Summer or Winter and why? I live for the cold air of the winter (hating this heatwave) but I love the long days of the summer. So Spring/Autumn I guess!

What would you buy with your last £10? I’m assuming the world is ending in this scenario so I’d probably buy a case if beer, share it with my friends and watch the world go down

What was the last band you recommended to someone? IDLES

What is your most valued material possession? All of my instruments, I can’t choose!

Favourite Christmas song? I’m that girl that blasts All I want for Christmas is You all day every day in December. Hate me don’t @ me.

If you could learn any instrument, what would it be? Drums!! It’s a sin I’m not better at them after years of playing in bands. I’m a lazy music learner now though – I just enjoy playing on the instruments I’m good at!

Most memorable gig experience? Beyoncé – queued up all day to get to the front (made some amazing friends in that queue!) actually nearly fainted during her set it was so sweaty and cramped and GLORIOUS. Everyone was literally buzzing with excited empowered Beyoncé energy and I was right in the thick of it all, it was magical. Though that’s not fair to all the other amazing gigs I’ve seen as Beyoncé is on another level than the rest of us mere mortals!

Favourite line from a song? “You travel far like a star, and you are”

Beauty Sleep performs a handful of shows soon including Hand Models Summer Party, Focal Festival, Electric Picnic and Moira Calling 2018.


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