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Ciara O'Neill

Music Review: Ciara O’Neill – Arrow

Her Celtic folk roots still firmly in place along with the additional influences of Americana on this follow up LP to O’Neill’s debut Ebony Trail, Arrow, the sophomore offering from Ciara O’Neil displays a poise that shines through this out-of-the-box perfect collection of tracks.

Arrow explores the fragility of the human condition, underscored by O’Neill’s ethereal vocals that both break your heart and uplift simultaneously.

Title track, Arrow lays it all right out there for you:

Give yourself to the arrow/ Give yourself to the spark/ Give yourself peace and love/ And things that break your heart.

Do You Know and Equal & Opposites compliment one another in their observational notion that we’re all in this together.

Solemn cello notes in Do You Know illustrate the depths of emotion related to suffering from anxiety. And the strings in Hurtin’ sound like weeping. In spite of these seemingly melancholic melodies, O’Neill’s lyrics and vocal glow with a warm ember of hope.

Track Everything is the most folksy of the collection and Storms Comin’ is where you really get the Nashville influence.

A subtle but polished evolution from O’Neill’s debut coming together in an album you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself repeat-playing. Cover photo by Conor Kerr.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland