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Get to Know: Reevah

Aoife Boyle has well and truly cemented herself as one of Derry’s shining stars under the alias Reevah performing melodic folk songs.

She has featured at many local festivals and her music has been performed across the radio stations earning her plaudits all across the country. Get to Know Reevah.

Where You’re From: Derry

Favourite venue you’ve played in: I’ve played in some really lovely venues lately, so it’s a tough call. Can I have favourites in separate Cities? I love The Empire in Belfast and The Guildhall in Derry! Anywhere with lots of space and amazing acoustics!

Last gig you attended: Mosmo Strange & Wasps in The Limelight 2. It was an amazing gig!

Guilty musical pleasures: I’m not sure I have to feel that guilty about being the biggest Stevie Nicks fan ever, but who isn’t!? … The music I listen to is so varied, from Deftones, Ryan Adams, Andy Shauf, Van Morrison, The Japanese House to Nick Mulvey.

Last thing I do before going on stage: I’m usually giving myself a pep talk and just trying to relax. I don’t think I’ll ever not be nervous before performing. I usually do some vocal warmups prior to going on stage, either earlier in the day or just before playing.

Biggest musical influence: This is difficult because I feel like I’m influenced constantly by music. Music now, is so accessible, it’s all around us and can sometimes be oversaturated, as a result of this my influences change daily. However I would probably say Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) has been the most present, ongoing influence since I was younger. I think Bon Iver really shaped the style of music I produce, in particular the album – ‘For Emma, Forever Ago.’

What is the last gift you gave to someone: I’m a big fan of giving plants and flowers, however the last gift I gave was a Journal with a good old inspirational quote on the front.

Song you’d like to cover: Dreams – by Fleetwood Mac – it’s my jam.

What was the last band/musician you recommended to someone? Can this be multiple? Haha – I can never usually just recommend one at a time … but probably The Japanese House, Andy Shauf & Soccer Mommy.

Musician you’d love to be stuck in an elevator with? There are so many! But I’d say St Vincent Because she just seems like such a brilliant, talented, cool gal with a wealth of musical knowledge.

Favourite line from a song? ‘Flume’ by Bon Iver is one of those raw timeless tracks for me, it holds a lot of memories and significance. And the lyrics are just beautiful. But sorry, it’s more than a line!

Reevah released her debut EP Hummingbird earlier this year. It is available through all major streaming sites.

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