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Get to Know: Sonja Sleator

Not afraid to venture outside her comfort zone, Sonja has performed across the UK and Ireland, most notably in London’s On’t Sofa Sessions. Outside the UK, she has performed in Nashville, New Orleans and San Francisco, including an appearance on the famous Norm’s Rare Guitars YouTube channel.

Last year, she released her EP ADAMS and is no stranger to many venues across Northern Ireland. Get to Know Sonja Sleator.

Sonja Sleator - Empire Belfast

Where You’re From: Belfast

Describe your music in three words: The sound for my new EP Violent Strawberry would be Gritty-Harmonic-Reverbs.

Your main musical inspirations: Real life experiences, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Karen Elson, Traveling.

The last song you listened to: Happy Birthday. Had to quickly learn it while playing a gig!

Favourite venue you’ve performed in: Either The Listening Room In Nashville because people actually listened! Or else Northern Guitars in Leeds because it was such a cool venue!

Last artist you recommended to someone: I recommended John Andrews’ new EP to my mum which she loved!

Your ideal meal: Christmas dinner. Self explanatory….

Hot Summer or Cold Winter & why: Cold winter. The heat can make me grumpy. The snow makes things feel peaceful.

Your favourite thing about Northern Ireland: The road out of it.

Three things you’d take with you on a desert island? Insulin, Blood tester, a bottle of coke… Life of a diabetic….

Musician you’d like to be stuck in a lift with: Ryan Adams. He always has good stories to tell. So it would kill a few hours until someone got us out.

Sonja Sleator will be performing at Hard Working Class Heroes on 29th September before a stop in The Pavilion Lounge, Belfast on 6th October. For more details, click here.

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