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Get to Know Dea Matrona

Formerly known as Orlaith & Mollie, you might recognise this trio busking on the streets of Belfast but they have returned with a new single to go with the new name.

They have performed at Culture Night and recently supported Triona at the Duke of York. Get to Know Dea Matrona.

Band Members & Instruments: Mollie McGinn- Guitars & Vocals, Orlaith Forsythe- Guitars & Vocals & Mamie McGinn- Drums.

Where You’re From: Carryduff and Dundrum

Describe the band in five words: Flares with rock n’ roll

Proudest moment of the band to date: The time we bumped into Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin when we were out busking in Belfast.

Biggest musical influences: Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Prince & ABBA.

Favourite venue you’ve performed in: The Waterfront Hall when we opened for Flash Harry last December

What Christmas song would you cover: Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton

Would you prefer Playing to 100 friends or 1000 strangers? Well we definitely don’t have that many friends at the minute! So I’m going to say 1000 strangers then we could make some new friends.

Band/Musician you’d love to open for & why: Greta Van Fleet, HAIM or Royal Blood are our favourite bands on the go right now, they’re all rockin’ it!

Pre-gig rituals: We always sing the opening verse of Like a Prayer by Madonna to get ourselves hyped up before a gig.

What’s next for you: We hope to keep building on our new name with more releases and live gigs.

Dea Matrona, formerly known as Orlaith and Mollie, perform on the main stage at Lantern Fest on 30th October 2018. More details found here.

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