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Get to Know: Owen Lamont

Easily possessing one of the best voices in Ireland, Owen Lamont has a rich musical history in Northern Ireland fronting The Delawares in the 2000’s.

Having stockpiled ten years’ worth of stunning music, Owen is finally ready to readdress the microphone with his formidable lungs. Get to Know Owen Lamont.

Where You’re From: The bowels of a Tom Waits / Stevie Wonder hybrid …aka Belfast.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Big, Melodic, focused, Creative, Anxious

What got you into music: While my Mum and dad both came from pretty musical families, I lay the blame firmly at my dads feet. He plays the guitar and is a huge music lover so there was always music being played in some form or other in the house. I got my first guitar at 14-15 and stuck with it – playing awful covers .. Oasis, Cranberries, James Talyor, Neil Young … whatever I heard. Then when I went to University in Dundee, i started messing about with writing my own stuff and instantly fell in love with the whole process.

Last gig you attended as a fan: “The Olllam” – Incredible electric / trad / jazz music. Check them out!

What are you listening to right now: I mostly listen to local music as there is so much quality about. Right at this very moment I’m listening to Arvo party’s new Album “II”. Its class.

Best surprise you’ve ever had: I think when my first single Hold On started wracking up huge views on Facebook and the single got play listed across local radio … That was a pretty class surprise. The response validated all the work i’d put into it.

Favourite venue to perform in: The MAC or Black Box in Belfast. Festival stages are usual the best though.

Musician you’d like to collaborate with: I’m sorry but I cant put one name down here. I’d quite like to write with Foy Vance, Malojian, Phil Cook, or Gregory Porter. If we’re talking stratospherically, it’d have to be Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Neil Young, Vulfpeck … I’m gona stop now before I run out of space.

If you could learn any instrument, what would it be? Pacino. Hands down. I’ve tried to learn the piano but keep getting distracted with life. I’d absolutely love to be able to play.

Song you wish you’d written: Homebird – Foy Vance or The Great Decline – Malojian

Favourite line from a song? IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION ROUND … There’s too many. I love Randy Newman’s hilarious song Short People, I love the Wichita Lineman, CSNY Helplessly Hoping, Graham Nash’s song Simlpe man is particularly nice .. WAIT … I have it. This has honestly just hit me. Stephen Macartney (AKA King Cedar – check him out on Spotify) has a song called “Over the March Winds”. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful songs i’ve ever heard. All of the lyrics in this song are beautiful but this line stands out for me “Going by the moonlight, rested on evergreen, over the valley down to the shore. Surely as night falls over Ontario, bide thee to winter no more”. I hope I have those lyrics right, I’ve just written them down from listening on YouTube. He hasn’t got it recorded yet, so it only exists on YouTube or from the man himself.

Owen Lamont will perform at the Glasswings Album Launch in the Black Box, Belfast on 19th October. For more information, click here.

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