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The Ultimate Guide to Securing Tickets Online

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. The queuing. Whether it’s in person or in the virtual world, it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re at the hands of a spinning wheel and a ticking clock.

We’ve scanned Ticketmaster to bring you the best tips of securing tickets for the hottest shows.

  • Get An Account. You will most likely need one to complete the process smoothly so sign up in advance. That way, you can always use it for future events.

  • Add Your Card Details. You don’t want to be against the clock as you’ve secured tickets but you’re yet to pay for them. The clock counts down from 3 minutes and you’re stuck trying to find your card. Seek it out in advance, add it to your account and make sure it’s valid. This way you’re ready to go.

  • Pre-sale exclusives. Did you know that some tickets go on sale before the general public? They are often available via fan club access, brand loyalty schemes or credit card offers. Always worth checking before general sale.
  • Sign In Quickly. Today’s the day and you’re waiting for the 9am kick-off? Sign in ahead of time and be prepared to complete the process.

  • Use a secure connection. It’s probably best to use your home Wi-Fi connection. Public and work access tends to have a high demand which may slow down the process.

  • Going with friends? Two fans beats one so get your friend to log in and double your chances.
  • But don’t use multiple browsers! Using more than one browser tabs – or separate browsers! – can harm your chances of securing tickets. These systems combat bots so if they suspect you are one, they could kick you out of the queue.
  • Don’t refresh! You’re staring at the same spinning wheel. We understand it can be frustrating. But it’s really working behind the scenes. If you refresh, you’re at the back of the queue!

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