25 Jan, Monday
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Cloakroom Q- Going for a Walk and I’m Not Coming Back

Belfast based ‘Cloakroom Q’ are back with a brand new EP ‘Going for a Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’. Their genre being described as art rock/neo psychedelic, the 5 piece have a produced an EP that is somewhat unique compared to other sounds that are coming out of the Northern Ireland music scene.

The EP is a collection of hair raising tracks that mix intense sounds and heavy instrumental pieces that create an almost obscure experience. From heavy guitar riffs, funky bass lines and haunting synths, Cloakroom Q showcase their musicality brilliantly.

The EP manages to create danceable tracks yet also create a moody and ominous vibe. Alongside the melody of the songs comes the gripping vocals. Whilst probably best described as ‘spoken word’, the vocals tend to feel like a poetic performance piece which placed over the top of the intense music creates a piece that is nothing sort of energetic and dramatic.

‘Going for a Walk and I’m Not Coming Back’ is an impressive EP. The band have created a mix of tracks that are energetic, experimental and overall unique.

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