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Nostalgia reigns as The Crescent Moon Club returns to Belfast

If you grew up in Belfast and were anyway ‘arts’ inclined, it’s likely that you have fond memories of the Crescent Arts Centre. Nestled between the chaos of Bradbury Place with its nightclubs and neon-lighted takeaways, and the academic bustle of Queens and Stranmillis, the Crescent Arts Centre seems to sit on its own on University Street. The stone wall surrounding and protecting its grand beauty, concealing the wonder to be found inside.

A place to discover art, music, drama and more, the centre has been running for over 40 years so there are plenty of nostalgia-inducing memories running through the veins of this old building. And it being December, a time rife with celebrations of times gone by, the folks who run the show have decided that it’s time to reincarnate an old CAC favourite: The Crescent Moon Club. 

Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

Previously only spoken about in hushed, reverent tones, the epic parties, of which there is no photographic evidence, shrouding the whole thing in even more intriguing mystery, took place in the late ’90s and early ’00s. The regaled event will be rejuvenated from its old configuration which included cabaret, circus acts, comedy and music to welcome an even more varied cacophony of entertainment. 

Famously taking place in ‘the dilapidated old gym’, the Crescent Moon Club 2.0 will be housed in its predecessor ‘The Cube’: “The Crescent underwent major refurbishment in 2011 and we now have an incredible space for music. The old gym which was just that, a gym, has been transformed into one of Belfast’s best sounding event spaces”.

Opening itself up to a new generation, with a new name, the arts centre’s organisers were keen to ensure that attendees old and new could recognise the event: “It’s [the event name] a bit of an amalgamation of what people regularly refer to the old gym nights as – Some people called those old nights “The Crescent Club” or “New Moon Nights” – we wanted a name that would seem familiar to as many of the old punters as possible.”

Local musician Donal Scullion lent a helping hand in curating the first of the new Crescent Moon Club lineups, ensuring a ‘good mix’ of styles, promising the best new music Northern Ireland has to offer. From rap to rock, The Crescent Moon Club is for sure diverse with plenty of merriment on the cards. “Dimebag DJs will have the place dancing for hours late into the night with their own brand of electro beats, funk and house tunes,” said Crescent event organisers.

Elsewhere on the line-up you’ll find the powerful and raw vocal stylings of Irish singer, songwriter Amy Montgomery;  the collaborative force of two well-known figures on the Belfast hip-hop scene, dsgrace & Kronus, who make up Waking Android; and the evenings headliner The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan, a storming blues-rock duo formed in 2017 by Belfast musicians Tony Wright and Dean Stevens.

Excitement and nostalgia characterise the return of The Crescent Moon Club as event organiser Peter McCloskey sums up: “ We are delighted to bring to audiences some of the finest music acts from Belfast and across Northern Ireland. It’s an incredible line up for the first ever event and we hope this will become a regular event fixture at The Crescent.”

Don’t miss out on the rebirth of something special from Belfast’s musical history. The Crescent Moon Club takes place on Saturday 8th December from 9pm-2am, and, if all that isn’t enough to convince you it’s Bring Your Own Booze. What more could you want?

Tickets can be pre-booked at £15 or pay on the door for £18. For further details and to book tickets visit