04 Jul, Saturday
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Best of #NIMusic: Wynona Bleach – Eyes Burning

As part of our commitment to promoting music in Northern Ireland, I would like to kick off our series of Best of #NIMusic.

Simply put, I will bring you my picks of the best bands & musicians from Northern Ireland so you don’t have to go searching.

One of Northern Ireland’s rising stars Wynona Bleach are ready to take the country by storm. They’ve shedded their old skin of R51 and frontwoman Melyssa Shannon’s hair remains as bright as ever – a parallel to the passion for their craft.

Think big choruses, meandering melodies and an appetite to please no-one but themselves. They’ve played countless shows in Northern Ireland, are no stranger to festivals and they’ve even toured in Russia. And you know what? They have earned your time & I recommend you listen to the track above for yourselves.

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If you can’t wait for my next installment, tune in below.

I’ll add to this quite regularly. It should be mentioned that I am not going back x number of years to cover a number of massive tunes but instead focusing on artists who are currently active and may need a helping hand to generate some additional buzz. Or some whose music just deserves it. M

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