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Get to Know: Million $ Reload

Hailed as one of Northern Ireland’s best rock bands, Million $ Dollar returned from hiatus to announce their final ever show at the Empire Hall in Belfast next month.

The band rebranded to Blackwater Conspiracy in August 2015 and went on to release their own material. However they decided to give Reload one last hurrah. Get to Know Million $ Reload.

Million $ Reload - Empire Hall, Belfast - 2019

Band members: Phil Conalane – lead vocals, Brian Mallon guitar, Andy Mack – guitar, Kie McMurray – bass, Davy Cassa – Drums

Where You’re From:  Tyrone & Armagh

Describe the band in five words: High octane rock n roll.

Most memorable show you’ve performed: Too many memorable shows to choose from …but The Bataclan in Paris was pretty special.

Song you wish you wrote: Hotel California By Eagles, it is the perfect rock song. Constructed beautifully. A brilliant guitar intro, strong melody with lyrics and a story that makes good sense. A great chorus that you can sing a long to. A dual guitar solo at the end. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a gig: All depends when you classify as weird. People do their own thing at rock gigs…so nothing that would possibly see is that weird to be honest. But a guy bringing his pet Owl to a gig was a little strange.

Explain your best festival experience: Download festival 2009…that was our first appearance at Download festival…that was special.

Best piece of advice you’ve received: Steven Adler from Guns N Roses once told me get a good lawyer because if you get any level of success everyone is going to want a piece of you. I’ve never needed a lawyer!

Main musical inspirations: Too many to name…but Aerosmith and AC/DC come pretty close.

Song of yours you’d recommend to check out: Bullets in the Sky was our big song, got us noticed all over the world with lots of radio play as a result.

The final ever Million $ Reload show will take place at The Belfast Empire on February 9th 2019. Tickets here.

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