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Get To Know: Vale

Belfast-based five piece Vale met in school, and have been making music for a relatively short period of time.

Having scored the runner up slot in the Oh Yeah Centre’s Clash of the New Breeds competition in November 2018, they are hoping to release their first E.P early this year. Get To Know Vale

Vale-Get To Know

Band Members: Luke (lead vocals and piano), Adam (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Brandon (lead guitar), Dylan (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Taylor  (drums). 

Where you’re from: The  Greater Shankill area of Belfast

Describe the band in five words: Experimental, enthusiastic, dedicated, opposites and family

Proudest moment: When we came second in the Clash of New Breeds competition at the Oh Yeah Centre

Biggest musical influences: Luke – Queen, Adam – Joy Division, Brandon – Pink Floyd, Dylan – David 504 (YouTuber), Taylor – Metallica. Generally all music influences us!

A song you wish you had written: – Bohemian Rhapsody

Last artist or band you recommended to someone: Luke – Sonic Youth, Adam – The Strokes, Dylan – The Jam, Taylor – Mastodon, Brandon – The 1975’s

A venue you’d love to perform in: Glastonbury and Wembley, two of the biggest stages you could play.

Who would you like to get stuck in a lift with?  Dave Grohl, Brian May or John Bonham. We just think it would be great craic, talking about life and music with them, and we’d probably come out the end of it not even wanting to leave the lift!

Band you would like to open for: The Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Queen, Black Sabbath or the Sex Pistols. Basically we would love to support any band with a mad crowd that we can get pumping and get a great atmosphere.

Would you rather play in front of 100 friends or 1000 strangers: 1000 strangers – just another 1000 people to get to know the band and hopefully enjoy us.

Advice for up and coming musicians:  Practice as much as possible, be optimistic and have fun with it

Who you are listening to right now:  Luke – Tame Impala, Adam – Hockey Dad, Taylor – Anti Nowhere league, Dylan – Rage against the Machine, Brandon – Sticky Fingers

Pre-gig  rituals: We have a hand shake that we do as we buzz each other up. The handshake was learnt from the locals in South Africa by lead singer Luke and guitarist Brandon.

What’s next for Vale: Gig as much as possible, write amazing songs, record an E.P, and hopefully get some attention around us for good music and good gigs.

What would you buy with your last £10? –  Luke – Favourite food from the best pizza shop on the road (Pizza Cabin) Adam – Pack of Guitar Strings, then two tins of Boost with the change, Dylan – Boojum, obviously a burrito with chicken, cheese and hot salsa and a can of coke, Taylor – 9v batteries for the wah pedal obviously, Brandon – Salted chilli chicken from the Chinese.

Vale are currently recording “Sorry To Live,” a song to raise awareness of mental health issues. You can follow them here.

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