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Picture This ‘Mdrn Lv’ Album Review

Ahead of their two-night stint at Belfast’s Botanic Gardens in June, the Picture This lads have released their sophomore album ‘Mdrn Lv.’

The four-piece took over Limelight’s bar yesterday evening to meet and greet fans who bought the album, the follow-up to their 2017 self-titled debut.

Despite releasing songs ‘This Morning‘ and ‘When We Were Young‘ during the first half of 2018, the two singles didn’t make it onto the final cut of the album, making room for newer and bigger songs.

But then, in October last year, they revealed the title of their album, as well as first single ‘One Drink.’ The first single talks about dealing with a break-up, whether it’s dosing your feelings with alcohol or finding a rebound relationship.

Two months later, ‘Everything Or Nothing‘ followed, the final track on the album and a fan favourite. The song talks about the insecurities in a relationship. ‘Did I really f****** love you? Or was it just my messed up head? I don’t think I’ve seen enough of you lying naked in my bed.’

If You Wanna Be Loved‘ was the third single, released just weeks before the album. Lead singer Ryan belts out in his signature voice that he wants his love interest to show and tell him how she wants him to treat her because he’s so infatuated by her.

The album was finally released on February 15. ‘Modern Love‘ is the opening track, and title track, vowels included this time. The song talks about his under the cover experiences with his other half and how they are the depiction of modern couples. The pop song has an infectious chorus that has your head bopping along, as well as the synthesised ‘ooh yeahs,’ that echo throughout the track.

The next new song is ‘Nevada.’ The track has a strong opening, with a phone ringing in the background before a thudding drum beat as Ryan sings about how he’s lovesick and misses his lover. ‘I’m sick of us being apart, only talking to me through a screen.’ The chorus explodes into an anthem-like beat that you know will have thousands of fans singing along live.

Dance Away With You‘ is a cute song about being in love. It also has a good tapping beat as Ryan yodels ‘it’s kind of scary how we’re all in love.’ ‘Someone To Hold‘ follows with the feature of Sydney songstress CXLOE. Probably the saddest track on the album, the two duet about how they’re going to make this work, their insecurities and jealousy. Probably my personal favourite. Both Ryan and CXLOE’s vocals are incredible and shine through with the soft background.

Magnet‘ is used throughout the song as a metaphor, as well as a lighthouse. The start is particularly good, with the guitar strumming as he sings ‘drunk texting in a taxi, thinking about you in the back seat. Gonna wind up at your door. The driver is laughing at me ’cause I’m telling him you make me happy. Never felt this way before.’

Hurt Nobody‘ was the fourth and final teaser from the album, with the first minute previewed on the band’s official Instagram account a week before release. He sings about his heartbreak as his lover doesn’t have the guts to break up with him. ‘Life Of The Party‘ follows, still good but probably the album’s letdown. Probably because it’s one of the only songs that isn’t personal and about relationships.

Broken‘ was a song the lads promised fans they could cry to, and they didn’t disappoint them. Although not the saddest of songs, the dark lyrics are heart wrenching. ‘I’d rather be cold in your bed than warm with someone else.’ ‘More Than Just Tonight‘ is probably the closest song to the old Picture This. The folky-Irish pop that made them huge. That said, it isn’t a disappointment. It’s a massive song with a build up to the pelted out lyrics. Another festival favourite, I’m sure, as the lyrics depict wanting something more serious in the current dating sequence.

The Athy born lads are excited to get out on the road, with a massive tour ahead of them. There will be plenty of opportunities to hear this album live, so go and grab yourself a ticket. I promise you won’t regret it.

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