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He’s a Belter – The Whirlwind Rise of Gerry Cinnamon

His unfiltered, no-nonsense lyrics have landed him headline gigs across the UK this summer, a sold out CHSQ included but you’ll be forgiven it you aren’t familiar just yet. He has taken the live music scene by storm but who is Gerry Cinnamon?

The 33 year old Glaswegian from Castlemilk, Gerry Crosbie, AKA Gerry Cinnamon has made quite an impression on the live music scene. With no record label or any PR machine behind him, the power of social media, word of mouth and a loyal fanbase, have propelled Gerry to where he is today. You’ll find no mention of him on the Brits ‘Critics Choice’ lists nor will you find him as one of BBC’s annual ‘Sound of’ artists. He does have ‘Best Live Act’ at the 2016 Scottish Alternative Music Awards under his belt though!

His debut album ‘Erratic Cinematic’ produced by bandmate Chris Marshall, was released through Pledge in 2017 and quickly rose to the top of the iTunes singer-songwriter chart before reaching number 6 overall. One post on Facebook and Cinnamon had sold out the Barrowland Ballroom in under 5 minutes – not bad for an unsigned artist with little to no radio play!

Somewhat of an enigma, Gerry is not your typical popstar, likely to be wearing a tracksuit, a cap and armed with a kick drum, an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal he sings with a strong Scottish twang, like The Proclaimers with attitude.

Passionate, soulful and not ashamed of his roots. Cinnamon is a poet of the people. His lyrics tell tales of gritty inner city life and the fans love it. He writes anthemic tunes, not unlike those of the Stone Roses or Oasis and his live shows are famed for their raucous atmosphere where the crowd sing along to every word.

His 2019 UK and Ireland tour kicks off in our very own Ulster Hall on Thursday 7th March and it goes without saying, it’s going to be a very special show.

Gerry Cinnamon is a force to be reckoned with. A working class folk hero who appeals to not just ‘the every man’ but everyone else as well. To put a spin on his own lyrics, he is a belter and I cannot wait to see what awaits him in the future.

Writer for Gigging NI.