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Alcatrazz/ The Limelight 2, Belfast / Tickets & info

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

The Limelight 2, Belfast

The American heavy metal band Alcatrazz was formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by vocalist Graham Bonnet, (Rainbow) bassist Gary Shea,(New England) and keyboardist Jimmy Waldo, (New England). The band was first meant to feature ex-Nazareth guitarist Zal Cleminson and ex-Jethro Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow, but they both had commitments in Europe and pulled out at the last moment. Instead the group found Yngwie Malmsteen through their manager Andy Truman, who had heard about the young Swedish guitarist from a friend at Ozz Records. Guitarist Laurence Juber (Wings) had been auditioned, but was not right for the groups vision. Shea named the group Alcatrazz and Bonnet coined the phrase “Thinking Man`s Heavy Metal”
They are best known for their songs “Island in the Sun” and “God Blessed Video”

The home of music in Northern Ireland.