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Review: ‘Cheers, Sound, Good Luck’ Album Launch – Son of The Hound – Limelight 2

Seven months ago we were introduced to a fella called Muck. Muck had a vision and from that, ‘The Also Rans’ was born.

The 6 part web-series that gave us Barps, that’s a banana in a pint of Belfast’s finest (Harp) if you didn’t know already, was a huge success and just like that we’re at a sold out wrap party in Voodoo. If you were there you’ll know it was a pretty special night.

Fast forward to 3rd April 2019, ‘Mad Notions’ is as hilarious as ever, we’re (not so) patiently waiting on ‘The Also Rans’ series 2 and Muck aka Mick McCullough aka Son of The Hound is about to launch his debut album ‘Cheers, Sound, Good Luck’ to a sold out Limelight 2.

Following support from Sister Ghost, (Fans L7, Sonic Youth, Pixies should check these guys out!) Son of The Hound and the band take to the stage, against a glowing backdrop, opening their set with an energetic rendition of ‘I.O.U’, a track that epitomises that 50s rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

“Hello, hello, hello, everybody!” says a slightly nervous sounding Mick before going straight into the optimistic crowd favourite, ‘Pride (I Wanna Live)’.

‘Thanks everyone for coming! We really f*cking appreciate it!’ and he means it too. Not only is Son of The Hound a talented singer/songwriter who can throw a tune together, he’s also a really nice guy. It’s part of the appeal, “We’re really f*cking grateful” and that gratitude is felt amongst a crowd of familiar faces and new fans alike.

‘Where Did Your Love Go?’ is followed up by feel-good track ‘Sing’ which I overhear a fellow gig goer say “wouldn’t be out of place in Grease”.

‘Stones Across The Lake’, is a treat to hear live. I’ve said it before about these guys but their energy on stage is electric, they enjoy what they do and that resonates with the audience, who when they’re not headbanging, are hanging on to Mick’s every word.

The plan of public seduction (Mick’s own words, not mine!) continues with ‘True Romance’ and the poetic album opener, ‘Tonight Tomorrow’ and we’re here for it!

‘All But The Road’ is played to a sea of hands in the air, clapping along. Everyone has come together to see one man and his band, there’s a real sense of community amongst everybody here and it’s fantastic to see.

The launch draws to a close with ‘You Are Alive’ which is met with massive applause before Belfast’s nicest frontman takes a moment to speak, telling us “This is all I ever wanted to do” – emotions are running high, everyone is grinning from ear to ear, it’s just a bloody lovely vibe!

The band end the set on a high with the song that started it all, ‘The Also Rans’, which has become Son of The Hounds very own ‘Sweet Caroline’ as the crowd chant mid-chorus and sing along from start to finish. The atmosphere is euphoric and unsurprisingly it gets the biggest cheer of the night before Mick gives his final thanks (he’s not only the nicest frontman but the most appreciative too!) and the band leave the stage.

…Muck had a vision, he put his heart and soul into it and here we are at a, (I’ll say it again) sold out Limelight 2. Hard work and dedication pays off, ‘Cheers, Sound, Good Luck’ is testament to that. A confident debut, full of joy, optimism, heartfelt lyrics and electrifying riffs, well worthy of a listen and if like me you’ve followed this journey from the start, you’ll know that there’s nobody who deserves it more!

‘Cheers, Sound, Good Luck’ is available to stream on Spotify now, go on, treat yourselves.

Writer for Gigging NI.