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Anne Marie - Waterfront Hall, Belfast

Review: Anne-Marie – Waterfront Hall, Belfast

This time last year I brought out my first album called ‘Speak Your Mind,’ which I do a little too much. So, is it alright with you guys if I sing a few songs from that?”

The sold out crowd in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall screamed with delight as Essex-born singer Anne-Marie over dramatically wipes her brow.

Phew, ’cause that’s all I’ve got.”

Anne Marie - Waterfront Hall, Belfast

This comes three songs into her energetic set, the stage littered with American-style shutters surrounding the musicians and the screens behind her. ‘Bad Girlfriend,’ ‘Cry‘ and ‘Do It Right,’ preceded singles ‘Heavy‘ and ‘Perfect To Me.’ Before the latter, Anne-Marie sat on the stage cross-legged like a primary school student in assembly with her back to the audience as she watched fans, including familiar faces like Ed Sheeran, James Arthur and Shawn Mendes, depict what perfect is to them on the big screen.

The emotional and motivational song includes lyrics to inspire the hundreds of little girls in the audience, including ‘I’m okay with not being perfect, ’cause that’s perfect to me.’

She had the excited audience throw their fingers in the air as a gun sign for crowd favourite ‘Trigger‘ and dance between the aisles, giving the floor staff a workout trying to get them to get back in their seats, for ‘Ciao Adios,’ arguably the song that put the 28-year-old on the map.

Can I Get Your Number‘ and David Guetta collab ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ followed, before she told the crowd she had something serious to talk about.

Anne Marie - Waterfront Hall, Belfast

There’s a general theme to all my songs, which is bad experiences with ex-boyfriends,” she said to cheers, “but I need to explain this next one. Me and my ex were in Ibiza and he went out with his friends and came back at like seven or eight in the morning. He could barely speak because he was so drunk. I went to cuddle into him and ask him how his night was… And I smelt another girl’s perfume on his chest. So I dumped him and wrote a song about it,” she laughed to another roar from her fans.

I get really angry during this song, but sometimes it’s good to let a little bit of anger out about our past experiences.”

Anne Marie - Waterfront Hall, Belfast

A single spotlight illuminated her on a stool as she sang heartbreaking ‘Then,’ just premature of probably her most successful single to date and international #1, Clean Bandit and Sean Paul collab, ‘Rockabye.’ During the latter, she asked for audience participation, stating that it was unfortunate that Sean Paul couldn’t be there, and that’s when two overly eager fans in the front row threw her a sheet with a request that she lets them demonstrate their rap skills.

I have trust issues in this situation,” she jokes after telling the story of letting a lad rap before and he didn’t know any of the words. Not surprisingly, the fans knew every word, impressing their idol and the whole hall during the process.

The successful songstress, who last performed in Belfast at Boucher Playing Fields supporting close friend Ed Sheeran on his Divide Tour, finished the night with hit singles ‘2002,’ also co-written with Ed, and collab with American DJ Marshmello ‘F R I E N D S.’

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