24 Nov, Tuesday
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Review: Tash Sultana- Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

One of the biggest success stories from the thriving Australian music scene, Tash Sultana, took to the stage in Iveagh Gardens for a massive sold out show on the Irish leg of a world tour following the release of their debut album ‘Flow State’. Initially gaining attention following years of busking on the streets of Australia, Tash is renowned for a psychedelic and passionate live show which couples wonderfully with her unique sound.

Taking the stage before Tash was the Pierce Brothers, one of Australia’s most passionate live acts. Twin brothers Jack and Patrick couple their anthemic folk-pop with a stage presence of an act that have perfected their live show following years of busking in the streets of Australia. The set was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, with the twins constantly reminding the crowd of their excitement for the Irish dates on the tour. It was clear throughout that this excitement was not just talk however, with wide grins throughout. With a long history of touring with Tash, the duo’s passionate live show will be sure to win over those in attendance for the headline act.

As Tash’s set approached, the sold-out crowd really started to take shape. The Aussie multi-instrumentalist emerged to a roaring crowd and immediately started laying down the foundations to the opening track ‘Seed’. Playing a mix of tracks from their debut album ‘Flow State’ as well as from the ‘Notion’ EP, the set flowed seamlessly from track to track, showing Tash’s ability to craft a fully immersive live experience. Combined with Tash’s mesmerising and endlessly energetic live performance, witnessing each track build up layer by layer made for a truly unique experience.

Throughout the night Tash’s performance was both instrumentally and vocally faultless, making it genuinely difficult to believe that Tash was essentially acting as a one-person band. As Tash seamlessly transitioned between older tracks such as ‘Mystik’ and newer material such as the new single ‘Can’t Buy Happiness’, there was little interaction between Tash and the audience. With the exception of an anecdote regarding their tour bus breaking down, it was clear Tash was more than happy to let their music do the talking.  Tash’s style is truly defined, and it is clear much of their appeal stems from the fact there are few like Tash and they truly are the best at what they do.

The standout moments of the set were easily two of the songs that led to Tash’s breakout year in 2016, ‘Notion’ and ‘Jungle’. Both of these tracks received a massive response from the crowd and showcase Tash’s ability to write massive singles. It is clear Tash is aware of which of her songs brings out the biggest reaction, with ‘Jungle’ receiving an extension which took it to just under 15 minutes long. Following their biggest song and a swift exit from the stage, it was unclear whether an encore was on the cards (especially due to the lack of interaction throughout the night). However, fans were treated to one more track in the form of ‘Blackbird’.

Going into the gig with expectations of an psychedelic live show, I came away having being the most captivated I have been in a while. For a one-person act to have the whole of a sold out Iveagh Gardens in the palm of their hand in the way Tash did was truly impressive, and it is clear that they deserve their reputation as one of the most unique artists and live experiences on the circuit today.

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