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Specific audience

We serve fans all around the world but it’s obvious that the majority of our users are located within Northern Ireland. That is our strength. So if you’re looking to increase your presence here, this is a great place to start.

Over 30,000 Users

In Q3 2018, our website attracted over 30,000 unique visitors to discover all the latest news coming out of Northern Ireland. As a specialised music website, that’s not bad at all.

25-34 Following

The majority of our users fit within this age range and Comscore recently found out that this demographic spent more time on Mobile Apps in the US than any other age. 

  • Billboard Takeover
  • £ 75
    Per Week
    • Large graphic on Landing Page
    • Displayed alongside weekly Feature articles
    • Directed to your custom URL of your choice
  • Square Advert
  • £ 35
    Per Week
    • Viewable on our Most Popular articles
    • Prominent positioning on both Desktop & Mobile
    • Sent to your custom URL of your choice
  • Sponsored Gig Listing
  • £ 25
    Per Week
    • Highlighted first on What’s On Guide
    • Displayed weekly on our Mailing List
    • Scheduled post on social media x days before event
  • Social Sponsorship
  • £ 20
    Per Post
    • A Paid Partnership post on our Social Media
    • Sent across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
    • Useful for upcoming events you are marketing