The home of music in Northern Ireland

17 Jan, Thursday
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Author: Elizabeth McGeown

Spoken word poet and singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast's Out To Lunch Festival walks a very narrow tightrope: that balance

There's no queue outside the Ulster Hall as our support act this

"I'm 69 now," Billy Joel tells us, leaning back comfortably on his

The Beach Boys are Mike Love's band now. After all, he's been

It's Erasure at the Olympia: Mk. II tonight given that their first

First things first: MMODE is just pronounced 'Mode' in the fashion of

Chairs are laid out in neat rows for today's afternoon show and

It doesn't happen often that a band precedes their appearance onstage with

We’re pretty sure what we’re seeing isn’t the Olympia Theatre’s usual curtain.

It's a rare treat this Sunday evening in Belfast: a seated concert

Nottingham's April Towers first hit us rather mildly, more mildly than we're

It's the halfway point in this, the ninth annual Outburst Arts Festival,