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Author: Matthew Halliday

27 years old, keen music lover from a very young age. The atmosphere in live shows is always electric and the buzz that every fan feels when the performer or act hits the stage is just something you cannot feel whilst listening on a radio or iPod.

Part Time Pilots are a local band who have a cult following

The Limelight is a venue I absolutely adore. Not only is it

Walking through Cathedral Quarter in Belfast, a place rich in history with

Alien Ant Farm, one of the breakout bands in the late 90's and early

The Empire Music Hall has hosted its fair share of concerts over

Entering the venue this evening the mood was high. Everyone was there

Throughout the years there have been bands, singer-songwriters and various kinds of

After listening to the debut EP What Would Leeroy Do from Monkey

Last Friday night at the Limelight in Belfast everyone was dancing, singing