05 Dec, Saturday
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Author: Noelle Ellis

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland

Noelle Ellis: This month I am especially reminded of the vast melting

Strictly speaking Ryan McMullan's The Singles did not come to me through

Noelle Ellis: Spring is shaping up to be the season of singer-songwriter

THE SINGLES: Whether coming soon or just arrived, NI artists Una Clarkin,

Northern Irish alt-pop artist Rebekah Fitch has released new single, Need To

Welcome To The Batlands is the debut album by Northern Irish artist

Her Celtic folk roots still firmly in place along with the additional

Tired Eyes, the new single by Arvo Party featuring LARKS is just

You and your girlfriends are at the club and a song comes

Islands, the new release by Ash is a return to what Ash

Three-piece One Man Town continue to streamline their alt rock signature with

Finely crafted melodies meet natural talent in this tender collection by folk

Putting aside their more precocious take on 60’s pop, new single, Here

Take Me Away, the debut single by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Manuel Burns,

Craving More, the new single by Belfast post-punk outfit Surf Green is

It’s true that oftentimes ballads and love songs have a tendency toward

Cold Dead Air, the single by genre-defying Derry-based band Velvet Alibi is

If you’ve ever been to Paris undoubtedly you will possess some romantic

I was on my way out when I heard what happened. A

Lazy Flies have released a holiday song destined to become a new

New single by Lambing Season, The Memory and the Flood captures the