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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#1d8c11″ background_color=””]Y[/edgtf_dropcaps]our family and friends are just home from The SSE Arena and WhatsApp is pinging with videos. Snapchat is showing you another 30 seconds of 10,000 people screaming and cheering. The loud music deafens you as you scramble for the volume controls on your phone. You growl as you throw your phone away. You didn’t have a ticket.

No, you weren’t working. You didn’t forget the gig was on tonight. Netflix was your friend tonight. It turns out that you forgot all about tickets going on sale on a Thursday that week in January, not the usual Friday. Your friends didn’t forget.

U2 - The SSE Arena, Belfast - October 2018They witnessed the roar of the arena, the thunderous bass and the perspiration of thousands of people in the arena, albeit with slightly lighter wallets. But, a lifetime of memories.

Don’t be that person.

At Gigging NI, we commit to send a weekly email containing all the new shows that has been announced in Northern Ireland as well as information on tickets – when they go on sale, who is playing and how much tickets cost.