Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has stunning coastlines,  iconic historic monuments and bustling cities filled with history and optimism. We’ve had some difficulties in the past. But we come together in times of need. And celebration. Our wee country.

Northern Ireland is thriving and going through a significant stage of development. Tourism is booming and new industries are popping up, perhaps most notably film and television, boosted by the worldwide success of Game of Thrones.

Ulster Hall, Belfast

In 1971, the Ulster Hall became the first venue in which Led Zeppelin performed ‘Stairway to Heaven’ live. We’ve had Oasis celebrate hitting Number #1 in the charts in the Limelight, Belfast in 1994. We are the home to Sir Van Morrison and Snow Patrol. We still have some secrets up our sleeves yet.

Music in Northern Ireland

A blues guitarist from Bangor, a pop punk band from Antrim, death metal from Derry, jazz from Belfast… the list goes on. Northern Ireland’s thriving music scene offers something for all musical tastes.

Duke Special on the main stage at Stendhal Festival in 2015

Every imaginal genre is explored, yet often stays still true to its roots. This deep history in music and devotion to craft and expression results in a myriad of exceptional artistry. Not only chock full of brilliant rising stars, but has already produced artists of legendary status. Thin Lizzy, Snow Patrol, Ash, Jetplane Landing, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, and Sir Van Morrison to name but a few. Steeped in musical tradition and growing and thriving and evolving, music from Northern Ireland has been fascinating to witness.

Our Family In America

Noelle Ellis, writer for Gigging NI

Writing for a Northern Irish music site does perhaps seem a bit odd for an American. Music for Noelle Ellis has always been a great love. “A few years ago, when I first visited Belfast, it was love at first sight and music had a great deal to do with my instant fondness for the place.

“The people I met were warm and welcoming, and there was music everywhere. I was in audiophile heaven. Buskers on the street, singer songwriters belting out their tunes in restaurants and bars. Audiences singing their hearts out to the traditional music being played by the band at the pub.

“This wasn’t music just for a special occasion or a gig, this was something so much more. Music itself seemed to be woven into the very fabric of daily existence. The combined affection for Northern Ireland itself with my sincere desire to assist new and emerging artists get their gifts heard in the world, the marriage of the two seemed a natural fit and is why I do what I do.”

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